The Steinle Filter Press Pump

Ideal Pumping Properties

The liquid transferred to the filter-press requires exeptional high-performance pumps. They have to convey large quantities of liquid into the empty press as well as small quantities at high pressure when the filter-press is filled. This pressure must be maintained for a long period of time.

Strong and Robust

In addition to the extremely high demands placed on its performance, the pump is often severaly stressed by the liquids. Most slurries are abrasive, shear-sensitive and sometimes they are also chemically aggressive.


The treatment of the slurries by the filter-press is often a prerequisite for the smooth running of the whole production process. Therefore an absolutely safe and reliable pump is imperative.

High Pressure

The most important reason for choosing a STEINLE pump, besides its reliability, is the high transmission value of the inlet pressure to the outlet pressure. High pressure in the filter-press means a better filter result, lower costs for the removal of the filter cake and a shorter pressing process, together with optimal utilization of the equipment


The special design also generates special properties:

  • Dry running capability
  • No dead-point possible
  • Self-priming
  • No pressure load on the diaphragm
  • Self-regulating 0…100%
  • Suitable for solvents
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to check
  • Pressure up to 24 kg/cm²
  • Provides dry filter-cake
  • Low wear
  • Suitable for solids
  • No shear
  • long life time

The Installation

All STEINLE-pumps are self-regulating. This means, that no additional equipment is required. When the filter press is full, the pump just stops. For the single acting pumps sizes 15 and 25 a pulsation dampener in the discharge pipe is recommended.

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