The compact pump for feeding filter presses



The STEINLE pump for filter presses is a very compact unity that can be mounted directly to the filter press. It is qualified by technical specifications allowing to the user a straightforward pressing of slurries. Pressure regulater and needle valve are already mounted to the pump.

All-round and Multiple

These pumps are based on the approved Tapflo air operated diaphragm pumps which are specifically qualified for this task. The extensive product range of Tapflo allows an adapting of the stations to almost every application. An extern pressure booster doubles the delivery pressure.


Particular advantages result from the specific construction:

  • can run dry
  • stroke sensor available
  • self priming
  • no need for lubrication of the air supply
  • self-regulating
  • pressure balanced diaphragm
  • few single parts
  • smooth operation
  • high pressure transmission to 1 : 2
  • PTFE-diaphragm for solvents available
  • easy to maintain
  • reliability
  • pressure regulator included
  • long service life
  • compact

The Installation

As these pumps work self-regulating, an additional device for regulating the flow quantity is not neccessary. Just mount it to the filter press, connect it – ready. Even the pressure regulator and the needle valve for the air supply are included. For watching the filling-level of the filter press, stroke sensors and stroke counters are available.