Piston Diaphragm Pumps

Pumps designed for Filter Presses

Filter: The Steinle Filter Press Pump, Properties, The Installation

Types: The Pump Code System, Technical Data

Function: Function

up to 2,5: The pump sizes up to 2,5m³, Flow Rates, Dimensions

up to 18: The pump sizes up to 18m³, Flow Rates, Dimensions

Dimension: up to 18: The pump sizes up to 18m³, Accessories

Pump Station for Filter Presses

Series TF Pressure transmitted up to 16 bar

Station: The compact pump for feeding filter presses, Properties, The Installation

Code: Pump Code System, pump types

Tapflo: The Tapflo-Pump

Filter: Filter presses with STEINLE-pump station

Flow rate: Flow rate

Dimension: Dimensions


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